No Secret Sauce

So what really works?
I’ve been asked that question countless times. It often comes from families struggling with an addicted child, by the spouse of an addict, by the grown children of homeless parents, or friends looking for answers regarding a loved one that appears to be making the wrong choices.
Shelters, rehabs, counselors and even your local governments ask the same question. How can we get people off of the streets, away from destructive lifestyles and to make better choices?
I’ve struggled through addiction first person, counseled untold numbers of homeless individuals, and taken lots of notes. In my parents’ foster home in East Texas I was first introduced to homeless and hurting individuals over 25 years ago. Since then I’ve invested time with gang members in Santa Cruz, Sudanese & Palestinian refugees on the opposite side of the globe, and now for the past 12 years, thousands of homeless men, women and children in Dallas. This blog is a collection of thoughts on the “secret sauce” to life change.

Spoiler: It’s not your 12 step book, classroom experience, dynamic sermon or even your Bible. The secret sauce is no secret at all. Lives are prompted, challenged and even counseled through blood, sweat and tears. But true lasting life change only comes through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit only comes through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. If you think I’m shoving Jesus down people’s throats then you don’t understand that I’m not writing about religion.

Jesus said in the sermon on the mount “blessed are the poor in spirit”. Imagine your spiritual tank is on “E”. You are empty.
Our calling is to be the filling station.
I’m just one beggar pointing another beggar to the bread (of life).


One thought on “No Secret Sauce”

  1. So often among Christians, we rely upon “well-put-together” ministry to provide for the opportunity to build relationships. But really, it’s inside our relationships themselves where real ministry is even possible. We can build whatever brilliant mouse trap we can think up — still, it’s inside of rugged, real-world, time-tried relationships where genuine ministry, and therefore genuine life change, is possible. And how cool that God made us — all of us — for that very thing. He made us for one another, so that in our “one-anothering”, we become transformed into His image. We point each other to Jesus as we live-out our relationships. It’s a together thing.

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